Sunday, March 20, 2016

pumpkins and a pony

I think I need Cinderella and her fairy god mother to turn this into a carriage, it is big. I havent got in to see what others are in there and how big they are, so we are assured of pumpkin soup and roast pumpkin over winter. The pony is one we swapped for a mare last season, he is a nice little fellow, called Dalgangle Motown, we will see how he goes over our mares, not exactly what we were looking for, actually we didnt need another stallion but time will tell. John has gone fishing today and I have made a chocolate cake and an impossible pie to take up to have lunch tomorrow with my sister and my friend P, its supposed to be fairly cool so I hope it is. I dont much like driving to Adelaide but I am now more or less organised.


The Weaver of Grass said...

He looks a lovely boy from where I am sitting.
And those pumpkinslook to be coming along nicely - so maybe it is pumpkin pie next.

Robin Mac said...

Love those pumpkins - are they Queensland blue? They will certainly keep well if they are, beautiful flavour too. Your pony looks lovely too. Cheers

Penny said...

Beautiful pumpkins! Seems so strange as we move through spring that your pumpkins are getting ready for picking.