Tuesday, March 15, 2016

An incredibly low tide

double click to enlarge the photos. I dont think I ever remember seeing such a low tide with banks of sea grass exposed and the sea birds feasting. Of course we dont always walk along the beach here but even so it was a fascinating sight and the reef on the tumble about, which was too far away for my little camera to catch was very exposed. It was cold and windy this morning with quite a disturbed sea beyond the reef. The photo of the black post is the one that usually has a cormorant on it, I dont think I have ever seen the base exposed before. I am attempting to do some house work, not sure what is wrong with me as I am continuously tired and if I sit in my chair for a while I fall asleep. I am also trying to start on another slightly taller art doll, she is on the same lines as the last one but the skirt will be taller. I am taking my time over her.


Barry said...

Hi P - sorry to has been a while since I visited; but I enjoyed the scrolling through your wandering, garden and making of dolls. Love seeing the images of your walks. The tides must give you such a changing vista. Hope you are well. Peace. B

Penny said...

Beautiful pictures! I love seeing the shore an low tide - and this one is really low tide.