Sunday, March 06, 2016

Middleton Beach

We went over to Goolwa this morning to get some chilies from the market, my farmers market doesnt have them and there is a man at Goolwa who does, I freeze them. We went up to see a new exhibition of photographs, rather interesting. Then on to walk on the beach at Middleton. Not really my sort of beach, the sand tends to be a dirty colour but it was low tide and quite nice to walk along. Lots of surfers out and about. Big wide skies and surf but pretty small waves. I suppose I have never been a surfer, we were divers but the children were. I liked to see what was under the surface of the water! On to call in to Tabby and family and then home for lunch, I had made a ricotta and marinated vegetable terrine which is rather nice, makes enough for three lunches with a sliced of home made bread to mop up the juices. I made walnut biscuits after lunch and havent done a lot since. It is hot and muggy, not my kind of weather so I read for a while. Now it is time to do the feeds and tonight, thank goodness is Johns night to make pasta, a nice one with egg plant I bought yesterday, tomato, chili,basil, garlic and smoked salmon. He is the pasta specialist.


The Weaver of Grass said...

We had smoked salmon and creme fraiche quich for Sunday lunch with stuffed peppers and a jacket potato. All easy stuff so not much work to do today either.

Robin Mac said...

Your meals sound very tasty, especially if John does the cooking for the pasta.
I saw Adelaide had some torrential rain yesterday, did you get any storms as well? i hope the humidity clears away soon for you. Not quite as wet here so far today, but more heavy stuff predicted for later today.