Thursday, March 03, 2016

2 faces of a Pacific Gull

We walked the cliffs this morning and this rather large and bored looking Pacific Gull was on a post and didnt move as we walked by. We got to the steps down to Depp's beach but didnt go down as my joints dont like me much this morning. We had a huge thunderstorm last night, Great clap of thunder over head and nearly 8 mm of rain in a short time. some flooding down through an open window in the kitchen, again. Seems to have been rather a one off as not much rain recorded elsewhere. The walk was lovely, overcast and a cool southerly blowing, almost cold but the clouds have now cleared and it will warm up. Thank goodness we live down here, no where as hot as Adelaide will be over the next few days. We (well John) washed the floors this morning and George has had a lovely time finding wet bits to paddle in and spread wet footprints all over. He is getting far too big and fat and although I am restricting his food think perhaps he doesnt get enough exercise, thats the trouble with an indoor cat, but then again suddenly he does a circuit on the tops of all the chairs and climbs up either the curtains or the fly screens, not good for fly screens I have to say. As I put the clean towels away this morning he was either in the laundry basket or scratching my hands and trying to pinch small towels to play with, all fun and games.

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Penny said...

Your scenery never ceases to amaze me. I wish we lived nearer the ocean. Fantastic that you got a bit of rain.