Saturday, March 26, 2016

An Easter bunny

I have made two of these little Easter Bunnies to go on eggs and a nice little bowl I found in the $2 shop. My smaller flowered moth orchid is giving me joy as the others have stopped flowering. I hope they start flowering again as they look very healthy but I suppose time will tell. The last photo was our walk this morning with an interesting sky. Loved it. We have been out for lunch with an old school friend, great to catch up and meet a few new people. A lovely afternoon. I have fed George and Max and now for a short rest. All this people meeting is tiring.


Robin Mac said...

Looks like the orchid - and your familEaster bunny. Cheers

Barry said...

Hi P - love the sullen sky in the photo - soft grey colours. Go well. B

Penny said...

Darling little bunnies!! Oh, that sky -- what an inspiration it is for stitching, photographing, painting or just looking!