Monday, January 05, 2015

Walking the coasrt

The brown jelly fish are the sort we didnt much like when we were diving as they stung, quite a few on the beach at Kent Reserve yesterday. this morning we walked the steps at Pt Elliot and it was still a bit rough and there seemed to be a nippers surf carnival on the beach. I havent bust myself with the weather being quite mild but getting sticky, household chores and cut out some morte felt pears. The fire to the north is still uncontrolled but at this stage contained, people still cant get back in to see to stock or if they have houses. Trees keep falling on the roads and are too dangerous. More high heat tomorrow so every one is a bit nervous about it, although rain seems to be for cast for Thursday and over the week end when we have a show, in the hills!! I think it is time to change the date of that show. Or move it out of the hills where the fire problem isnt so great.

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Needled Mom said...

Those fires do sound terrible. Stay safe.