Saturday, January 03, 2015

Helmet shell

This morning while walking along the beach near Kent Reserve this helmet shell was sitting in the sand. He was still alive so after taking his photo we threw him back in. We used to see these while we were diving but I havent seen one here in all the time we have walked this beach. So pleasant to walk early before it got too hot but it has been a dreadful day for so many people, many we know with ponies in the hills behind Adelaide where for the last 2 days bushfires have rages uncontrolled for 2 days and there are no signs of getting them under control, we have now had a wind change which is likely to make things worse as it heads in a different direction. We have been very lucky down here as it has been relatively mild with no raging winds. So far there are no reports of how many houses have been lost, quite a few, and if there have been any deaths or injuries as they have been too busy trying to control this raging beast. Summer in Australia.


The Weaver of Grass said...

gosh, how awful Penny. Over here in the UK we never think of that side of things. Do hope those fires are soon under control.

Julie said...

Pretty shell...glad the animal inside was still alive! Hope the fires are under control soon!