Thursday, January 29, 2015

Brilliant walk this morning

This is what summer should be like, warm, blue skies and a lovely breeze. Grab it when you can say I as the stinking heat will be back upon us before you know it. A very low tide this morning, quite nice for fossicking for a few shells. There is a black snake hanging around the house at the moment, so far we have seen it but as both John and I dont seem to see as well as we once did he or she is a bit of a worry. I am trying to tidy up work rooms and having a bit of play with some hand stitching, nothing really to show yet. I dont seem to be able to get on with any painting at the moment but I suppose it will come. Off to keep an eye out for that snake while I feed the chooks.


Suztats said...

Oh, I want to go wading in the warm waters, and soak up that sun! Here, it's -6C, and expecting to get colder........after we have some more snow.

Robin Mac said...

Your beach looks lovely Penny - far too hot up here to even think about it! Congrats on your ten years of blogging - time passes so quickly. Cheers