Tuesday, January 06, 2015

In the mail today and an early walk

A lovely, well not surprise,as I had ordered it, but a wonderful package arrived from Trace Willans in Cairns. One of her lovely hand made books and other odds and ends, she is very generous. I had seen her books when I did a class with the wonderful Sandra Brownlee and Trace sat next to me. I couldnt afford her book then but I was given a bit of money for Christmas so this lovely one came to me, Trace has an etsy shop on her soewnEarth blog. Now to fill it! We went in early this morning for a walk and to get papers and mail, it was lovely on the beach, a light breeze, a very low tide and not too many people. It is already getting hotter but so far not much wind. They are talking about some rain in a day or two, I hope they are right but the weather bureau hasnt been terribly accurate lately. It may only be to the north of us as so often happens. We can only hope. So sad for those who have lost houses, I feel even more for those who havent been allowed back in to see, wonder about their animals, I think it is very short sighted of those in charge to not let people through to see, I know it is dangerous but I am afraid if it was me I would be getting in somehow, it is now 5 days, far too long. I know today and in particular tomorrow are going to be bad and I think people who live in those areas really need to rethink how they site their houses and gardens, hills and scrub and strong winds and fires are not a good mix. I think too that what has been forgotten is the larger numbers of hobby farms, not proper farmers who live in these areas. More people, more houses to defend. Having said that I am just glad it is not me.

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Barry said...

Hi Penny - well looking back over your posts you sure aren't letting the grass grow under your feet - lots of good walking and already into the art. May 2015 be a good year. Peace. B