Monday, January 12, 2015

Fish, book and a canna leaf

John is not feeling at all well, he has a summer cold and is just functioning, but he did insist we walked this morning and the beach had changed again, very still close in and lots of baby fish. A couple of mothers with small babies and toddlers were there as well, Johns comment, it must be baby drowning time this morning. Awful man, they were very sweet and all very well looked after. I came home and had a play with this origami pocket book, I had done one before ages ago but I was reminded of it and had a play, finished it off with some tiny little tags popped in the pockets with some nice wool on the tags, looks like a rather smart star the way I managed to sew it together. I have this really spectacular canna in a pot, it gets frosted off every winter and then comes back, it has these fantastic leaves. I would love to re pot it but I think I would have to break the pot and I really dont want to do that. It is very hot and humid. 100% humidity as it is dripping out there, not the real rain that we have been promised over and over again, but it is something. Maybe we will be lucky and get more over night, but it wont be a pleasant night to sleep through (a coughing and spluttering husband as well as the humidity will make it interesting!) Not a lot of creativity being done, I am being naughty and reading, although I did manage to cut back the seed heads on the small blue agapanthus today. Too hot and humid and one goes to ground, probably much like those of you in the northern hemisphere when it is cold and snowy or wet and windy.


Hildred said...

A summer cold!!!! And everyone here is laid low by the winter flu. Hope John is soon better and I love your 'star', Penny.

Barry said...

Hi P - reading is good particularly with the wild weather we have all been having. There star book looks great. Go well. B