Sunday, January 11, 2015

Low tide and windy

Taken this morning and yesterday, and probably the day before. This morning it was very low tide and a bit rough out to sea, as you can see by the waves behind the birds on exposed reef, I love the reef at the bay with its round rock holes caused by rocks swirling in the depressions and over time, lots of time getting larger until they wear away. Yesterday there was a lone wind surfer, he took ages to get up but once there he was away. When we walked the cliffs and down to Depps beach I saw the lovely pattern in the sand. We have been walking but John doesnt feel well and I think that we are sort of getting over the terribly hot weather, one should get out and be terribly active as the heat will come back but all we want to do is sleep. I am doing dreary things like cleaning and a bit of tidying up and some hand sewing, almost finished my 20 felt pears and have found a bird pattern I might use to go with the partridge in a pear tree theme, looking ahead at the moment while I can! We had very little of the promised flooding rains, a whole 5 mm but it has been positively cold and overcast and more is promised for tomorrow, I hope they are right this time, the garden really got rather crisped in the 42 degree heat and I would love not to have to go onto spring water for the house, rain water is so much better. Hope everyone has had a lovely week end. I am actually enjoying being a bit slow and reading and sewing, just got the latest Peter Robinson for my kindle I have been putting it off for ages but finally decided I needed to have it, trouble is I may not put it down until I finish it.


The Weaver of Grass said...

Always interesting to read of the weather on the other side of the world. Snow blowing in the wind here.

Suztats said...

The sand pattern is striking and drew my eye.......I imagine the swirling water making such marks...Hope you get the rain your garden needs.