Saturday, November 01, 2014

A tiny bit of the Sandra Brownlee workshop

When I look I have so few photos and yet I thought I took so many. This was absolutely the best workshop I have been to, fun, laughter and tears, readings, poetry from books and some of our own, sewing our notebook covers, filling the notebooks, wonderful food from the shed (India and Ros), the lovely surroundings in the old Brewery in Goolwa. It was mind blowing and mind filling. We painted on brown paper with huge sticks, we walked to listen to the sounds of the river and sketch them and then write about it all. I am not much of a writer but even I began to use words to weave a bit of magic. A lovely collection of different but like minded women. I loved it. But I am now so tired I need a small nap as I really pushed myself for the 5 wonderful days. More to come.


The Weaver of Grass said...

I think Penny that these sort of courses, because they take you out of your comfort zone, are so very tiring. But once you get past that the exhilarating benefits kick in. Glad you enjoyed it.

Jo Murray said...

Time well spent Penny, as exhausting as it might have been.

Hildred said...

Love the mat in the first photo. What wonderful memories you must have stored away, Penny, - well worth the effort!