Thursday, November 27, 2014

Walking the cliffs and the beach

Yesterday we walked the cliffs near Petrel's cove and today we walked the beach at the Bay. Nice cool walks but it is warming up. the cliff walk is always a bit different, we havent done it for a little while, the crop by the track along the cliffs has been baled and is going that very typical colour here in summer, beginning to bleach out in the sun. The walks are always in conjunction with getting the mail and the papers and any other odd jobs that need doing in the town. I find they take up a large part of the morning but I have been trying to get sewing done as well. John has taken over the watering as my shoulder finds pulling hoses around rather difficult. We have had the odd bit of rain and so far not too many hot days but summer is definitely a;most here. We have been selling some ponies which is a help, and some heifers went off yesterday too, to China eventually I think. Money is tight and we are going to need hay to see us through, whether we manage to sell the property or not, we need to keep milking for some income to come in. All a bit depressing but I try not to think about it too hard.

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