Sunday, November 02, 2014

A look at my note book

Just a few pages from my note book and the cover I made for it in Sandra Brownlee's class. I am doing this from my tablet so things may be a bit odd in this post ! As you can see this was a varied selection, I made little marionette type dolls and slotted them on to a page made using shellac made from Yucca resin, John collected the resin for me and we made it us in methylated spirits. Then we painted our pages with glue and soil from the property, fun, and then I painted a trail of dots. We exchanged book pages and wrote down poetry and haiku. There is more to come.


Jo Murray said...

Sounds like a thoughtful and inspiring your work shows.

Suztats said...

Very interesting using the soil from your property on your page. Love the book cover!