Thursday, November 06, 2014

around and about

I have been playing in the garden this morning, re-potting and moving a couple of things around. It looks wonderful just at the moment thanks to John who has taken over the watering and is doing a great job, although with the total lack of rain for weeks how much longer we can keep it up I dont know, it feels a bit like some of those drought years where I couldnt water from the end of December until it rains again, April, May? Any way these are just a few photos I took, the blue wrens have moved to the other side of the house, unfortunately new nieghbours over the road have cats, and not kept indoors like ours. I do wish people would be responsible about their cat keeping, I have noticed a lack of small birds that are normally in my garden this year. Nothing of course stops the wretched black birds. Lovely song, horrid introduced pests. There was a parent magpie and its baby sitting on the fence as I walked down to see the foals and just general colour all around the garden as I walk. Weeds too I am afraid but the spring growth has really been spectacular this year. I couldnt help myself yesterday, went to the nursery for a pot each of marjoram and oregano and also came out with a lovely potted rose called karnival, I will have to keep it away from John as it has thorns, a cream and burgundy floribunda that I love. I should be ironing, better get back to it, enjoy the photos.

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