Sunday, February 05, 2012

Wild skies at Goolwa

John and I went over to Goolwa this morning, we had a coffee on the beach near the first photo, lots of wild surf and the skies were looking interesting and in some areas quite threatening.
The last photo is of the River Murray taken with the bridge overhead.
We went to see about three exhibitions, including the one with the lovely books that I had seen a week or so ago, I am now home making a few small concertina books.
We kept an eye on the skies and finally J said he thought we had better start ot go home.
We hit a very heavy thunderstorm about haldf way home, luckily the hail was not large as there was no where to shelter.
At one stage it was very hard to see and then just as suddenly we were out of it.
Since coming home J has been mostly on the roof making sure that what rain falls goes into the rain water tanks. It is now very windy but we have had about 10 ml which will make the garden a bit happy.
Would have liked not to have had the wind but these sudden cool southerly squalls are wind driven.
So nice to be out and about, but equally nice now to be home and working on these little books.

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