Thursday, February 23, 2012

More wrapped dolls

These are a little bit addictive. I am now not sure what to do with them. they have been fun to make, find an oddment in the scrap basket and add and wrap and bead. If I just had a clear idea of what I was doing with them it would help.
tomorrow my friend P and I are off to Halls Gap in Victoria for the week end, it sounds as if it could be hot, not good as I am working with metal. I dont really mind, even if I just sit and watch and take notes but I am sure I will do more.
John has the task of looking after the animals and in particular Max, it could be the making of Max, so long as no one takes any notice of him he is fine but tends to take off if any one but me tries to pat him. John thinks he needs therapy, I think it might take a while but he will always be my dog.
I am happy about that.
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shirley said...

These dolls are cute Penny, and what a great way to use up scraps.

Robin Mac said...

I think they are cute too. I have just been looking at your previous blog and I don't think you have a mental illness, just an interesting collection of all sorts of things. have a good trip to Hall's Gap. I an sure there will be some lovely photos when you return. Cheers

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