Monday, February 13, 2012

Three birds and a heart

My little camera doesnt take terribly good bird photos and I have to crop them but I was quite pleased with the Adelaide rosellas that I captured on film the other day, especially the one eating the rose hips, as well as the Willy Wagtail on the fence by the seeding dock head.
The heart is one I had to do in a hurry for Holey Moley and it is athe result of some samples I had made in various classes, the back which you cant see, is silk paper, the middle bit is sari ribbon embellished onto felt and then stitched and the front bit is some threads that were stitched between romeo (dissolving stuff) all put together with button hole stitch.
I went over to play with Wendy today, instead we watched an Ann Bagley video on how to make painted backgrounds, fascinating and then ran out of time. Now I know what it is all about we may have a try next week, or the week after, whenever we have time to get together.
Last night we had a lovely bbq to celebrate Gabbys birthday.
Perhaps that is why I feel tired tonight.

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Suztats said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Nice heart & I enjoyed the bird pics.