Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fish, Oscar and Max

John's fishing trip on Sunday was a success and as you can see Oscar was terribly pleased and waiting not so anxiously as they were filleted. He gets the ugly looking rock cod and red mullet.
Max is so hard to photograph as he sticks next to me when we are walking but I did manage to get this photo yesterday morning.
I have had a busy couple of days, not doing a lot of constructive work but Monday I went over and watched the Anne Bagley video that W had, I think I must get it as it is very well done and such a long video you get almost a workshop for the price of the video.
Yesterday we went to Adelaide, had lunch with a friend and John had a meeting that was later than I thought it would be, I also saw my sister. A very pleasant day catching up.
We ended up getting a take away from the asian place (and very nice it is too) as we were both tired. There are always the dogs and chooks etc to feed when you get home as well.
I gave J the heart I made and he was terribly pleased with it and said I dint make many things for him. I suppose I thought he wouldnt be interested, one should never make assumptions.
Oh I didnt realise that gum tree had got in, it is a lovely shape and one we pass every morning. The colour is a bit off, early morning light I suppose.

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herhimnbryn said...

Is that a blue heeler cattle dog I see there?;) He's very handsome, but I could be biaised!