Saturday, February 18, 2012

Morning fog

I have updated picasa and my collage doesnt look like it used to. Oh well here is what I saw this morning. I couldnt believe how foggy it was and some of the trees in the orchard are showing signs of autumn colour.
Then the sun burnt the fog off and it has been hot and muggy all day.
I loved the remains of the spiders web, as we went in to the market this morning there were lots of lovely whole ones in the fences but no time to stop and take photos.
I hope these photos will enlarge.
I have made a batch of biscuits, different ones again, I will see how J likes them, rolled oats and apricot etc they look ok and I am making a sea food lasanga for dinner, another new recipe so I hope it works out.
We had to go and feed up T's ponies tonight, and my toe has decided it doesnt like me much so I dont know what the problem is. any way we managed all of that and now I need to feed the chooks, the dogs and cat are done, then it is us.
I was going to do all sorts of things today but this wretched toe is really getting me down again, so I did a bit of reading instead, and painted some background paper. Not the house work! Tomorrow.
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Robin Mac said...

Beautiful misty photos Penny, and yes, they do enlarge (twice) so they are really big. Sorry your toe is giving you so much grief.

Hildred and Charles said...

A foggy day, but your photos are quite lovely, Penny. Hope things improve with your toe!!!

ArtPropelled said...

I notice the trees are dropping a few leaves ... a sure sign that Autumn is thinking about making an appearance though our days are still hot and muggy. Beautiful misty images Penny. I hope your toe settles soon.