Wednesday, February 29, 2012

TAST and a wet morning

I didnt manage to get last weeks TAST up last week, I think because I was going away. It was chain stitch and the week before was detatched chain so I fiddled with using a bit of both and then this week is couching so I used a cahin to couch as well, nothing large, just a collection of stitches and I have enjoyed playing with them.
It was wet this morning and now is quite cold, I did manage to walk Max and not get too wet, and in taking him out the back gate discovered that the little bottle bursh that I planted ages ago, which then got burnt and I thought had died when John let a fire get away is flowering and it is pink, most of mine are red but I have tried to get a few different ones, that flower at different times so the birds have nectar, which they love at different times of the year.
The misty look of the paddocks in the mizzle is the next photo, then the sedums are starting to flower in the garden at the front of the house and finally what is begining to look like a jungle by the back door.
I am enjoying this weather after the heat of a few days ago but would like a lot more rain, not in a hurry but enough to wet more than the top mm or so.
We are also getting low in the dams so I am trying not to water the garden much and the rain water tanks would love a top up.
Off to search for the little book I cant find and have a play with chopping up some bright printed stuff and re arrange it in a book I did find! That probably only makes sense to me.
I keep moving things around and then cant find them, too much stuff and not enough room.
I love those people who seem to have a whole shed to put things in and play around them, oh and not to mention a wet area so they dont have to track out to the laundry all the time.
Perhaps I should have a 'stuff' sale, but then who would come I have a suspicion that my stuff is only of interest to me.
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Robin Mac said...

YOur garden is looking pretty good to me Penny, who minds a bit of jungle! I am sure those people who have a very large area for all their 'stuff' just have a larger space in which to make a mess. I have just caught up with your previous post and the fabulous photos of your trip. You certainly had a very busy weekend. Cheers

Doreen G said...

"Stuff" is good Penny and the more the better I say-but I understand what you mean about not being able to find what you are looking for and then you find something else that you had been looking for a month ago.
Ah wouldn't be without it would we.

Carla said...

Adore your garden Penny am dreaming of the day I have a garden again to pot around in!!
Hopefully with the new site it will still be easy to follow not making it too complicated, thanks for following.
Carla xx

Christine said...

Nice sample!! and garden!

Raphaela said...

Love your way of couching down various threads with the stiches.

crazyQstitcher said...

Interesting sampler. Nice shots of the of the trip.