Wednesday, February 22, 2012

By the back door

At present there is a symposium , I think in Sydney, about people who are horders and that they think it is a mental illness.
Sometimes I wonder.
Or am I turning into one of those strange old women who collect? Probably a bit of both. I dont have a yard of junk, although I do have rather a lot of 'stuff' in my work room.
I am still wondering.
I do every so often throw a heap of stuff out.

I rather like my colledtion of odds and ends by the back door, some are practical like the chook buckets, some decorative, the plants, and some really odd, I have plans for the odd thongs, I love the rough shelves I found down in the shed, some where for the little collections to go until they turn into something else.
Sometimes I see John shaking his head but he doesnt thank goodness say much.
I suppose if it really gets over the top he would just say enough is enough and throw it all out.
Today I am enjoying it.
Off to use those buckets to feed the chooks.
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Wanda..... said...

If you are, I am too! Love your collection by the door, I can't pass up unique rocks when I go to the creek or anything else I might find, like ancient bottles or other items that rise out of the ground in the Spring!