Thursday, February 16, 2012

A varied day

This little wrap around doll made its appearance last night, I like playing with scraps and something new appeared.
This morning Max and I walked and did a bit of a detour to take photos of some of the old machinery that is in a paddock, all farms have bits, I just wish I could get those wheels and some of the cogs home.
Then on my way through the back gate the scarlet runner beans and the zuccini flowers took my eye so another photo. I am freezing a lot of the zuccini for winter soups and if we get the scarlet runner beans early they are lovely, older ones not so but I would grow them just for the flowers.
I did walk Max for half an hour at home.
Then John and I went in to walk along the beach, with my shoes off, paddling in sea water! I havent been able to do that since the end of October.
It was bliss, the toe hasnt completely healed and there is a horrid callous but this is part of the treatment, at last.
We havent taken Max out walking on the beach yet as he is so frightened of other dogs and people and I feel he needs to be confident in me and me in him before we try.
Here he roars out the back gate and up the paddock at a million miles an hour, you would think we kept him in a minute yard but the back area where his is huge, much bigger than a suburban block.
I have been stewing peaches, I have a lot to do and then I will freeze them, lots of breakfasts ahead. We did manage to net the little peach tree and foil some but not all of the birds. No apples or pears though, the big old trees are not able to be netted and the birds wiped out the whole crop before they were even half grown.
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herhimnbryn said...

That beach looks lovely. I can feel the water over my toes!

Robin Mac said...

Wonderful to be able to paddle again Penny. I have been catching up on the previous post as well and I love the photo of Max. Our Jock hates water so we haven't tried taking him to the beach - he won't even go out into the rain here, he's a big sook. Cheers