Sunday, November 20, 2011

Yesterday, some rain and a wander

We had a bit of rain overnight and I liked the way the droplets were hanging onto this wonderful striped canna's leaves, not much but it settled the dust for a day but it is windy and drying out again today.
After going to the market and lunch we decided to go to have a look at the Fleurieu Biennial exhibitions for the richest landscape prize in Australia. I went with high hopes having seen all the previous ones but was bitterly disappointed, I dont know what the judges were thinking or am I getting too old? Lots of blobs of colour, tone on tone and nothing to excite until we got to the sculpture part, even then there were some very good and some very awful.
The best were the vistas at d'Arenberg and my second and last photos were taken there, Loved the windmill and then the vista across the valley at McLaren Vale.
My middle one was outside Wirra Wirra winery where an old friend Greg Trott used to hold sway, John who went to his funeral thinks this was spoken there. I love the sentiment. This was where the young artists were displayed and again, the one that held my attention didnt even get a highly commended. Oh well, we all have our own opinions.
Today my toe needed re dressing, according to John it looks better but it smelt! I go in to have it looked at tomorrow.
Then a phone call to say that our great grandson Mason is in the Women's and Children's Hospital having fallen backwards into a fire, not sure of the total circumstances but he was rushed up to Adelaide and after a long night with no sleep his mother and grandmother are still stressed out, as am I. He will be there until at least Wednesday and then we know how well he is healing and if he needs a skin graft or not on his poor little bottom, he of course is running amok according to Tabby and probably enjoying the attention. Of course there are complications at home, a baby kangaroo to feed, Tabby's husband and Gaby's partner are due to fly back to the mining site tomorrow morning on a very early flight, nothing ever goes to plan.
I have spent a lot of the day with my foot up trying to air out my toe but I have managed to get quite a lot of odds and ends of sewing done so that is good and John hads been repotting the big rock orchids, first get the pots out of the tree, an interesting few moments but we managed it.
It will be interesting to see what tomorrow brings.

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ArtPropelled said...

Penny, what a fright your great grandson must have given you. Glad he is running around though. Hope he heals quickly. I enjoyed the quote by Greg Trott.

Robin Mac said...

Gosh Penny, I hope you don't get any more frights like that for a while! I hope you toe improves very soon too. Photos are lovely as usual. Cheers