Thursday, November 03, 2011

This and that

I posted this small stitchery before, say ing I didnt think it was finished. Well I added quite a bit more to it. Being light I am not sure how much shows up but now I am sure it is finished. I am very fond of it but will put it away while I decide what to do with it next.
The 3 following photos are of dead pine trees that have to come down. Next week I believe, and it is going to be some exercise. We have had to move a large shade house, a good thing as I have wanted to do this for ages but rather an exercise in trying to clean things up.
The trees will have to come into the orchard, a stallion will have to be moved and goodness knows what state his yard wil be in when they finish. These died during the drought and are very tall and now quite dangerous. They are leaning rather badly. It will cause havoc but better havoc of our doing than of theirs.
The last photo is of my youngest daughters, two daughters, so my grand daughters, Gaby has the baby kangaroo she has been rearing, like mother and grandmother, we have all reared them in our time. Celina is having so much fun with this horse. I took this photo when I was out at Tabbys last week end. I dont see them as often as I would like as they are always so busy.
I am procratinating but I must go and try to get the house vacuumed, dont feel like it but no one else will do it for me!

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ArtPropelled said...

What a wonderful experience.... rearing a baby kangaroo! I am fond of your small elephant stitchery too. Slow stitchery has certainly captured many hearts and I'm not surprised. There's something quite magical about it. Good luck with the trees.

Wanda..... said...

We've had to cut a few damaged trees close to the house can be tricky. Now there's one over the carport that has us concerned!

Always like seeing your stitchery, Penny!