Friday, November 25, 2011

Around the garden, again.

It is damp again today, trouble is we need real rain not this bit of piddle we seem to be getting.
the top photo is looking towards the back of the house from the chook yard, then this rose, and I cant remember if it is wedding day or another is around the back garden fence and is flowering madly this year after a few bad years so it is enjoying the weather, and the next photo is across the paddocks, they have dried out quite a lot but you can see the misty look of the drizzle on the hills on the other side of the valley, this was taken from the vegetable garden across what are normally the calf paddocks and although there is not a pony to be seen at the moment they are mostly full of mares in with the little stallion, the mares and foals have been taken out to the bigger paddocks.
Finally my foot! All wrapped up prior to going to have a shower, glad wrap and then a plastic bag to keep it dry. Such an annoying thing to have to do every morning.
We were in Adelaide yesterday, we went to see young Mason but he was still in surgery or recovery when we had to go so we didnt see him but I spoke to him on the phone later. He has had to have skin graft, and then keep still and not take the wrapping off, I spoke to Gaby this morning who was overtired and as she said how do you keep a 3 year old very active little farm boy still and amused, he gets bored very quickly. They will re assess on Wednesday, it is such a long time.
I feel worried and tired and not able to settle either, whenever anything happened to my children they were in the local hospital and you didnt have to be there all the time, now they are miles away and there are not enough nurses to look after them. Poor Gaby has to race to the canteen, on the next floor to get very expensive food for herself when he is asleep. Consequently she is not eating properly and is not sleeping well either.
Enough of my complaints, I had better try and clean my house.

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Robin Mac said...

Oh Penny, I do feel for you - and poor Gabby. I would think it is quite impossible to keep Mason still. I hope the reassessment news is good on Wednesday. Bill is having to wrap his leg in gladwrap to keep a wound dry while showering - and protesting all the time!!! Cheers

ArtPropelled said...

Holding thumbs and fingers crossed for good news about Mason on Wednesday. It must be such a worry for the family and quite exhausting to keep him still.