Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Week end away

Sarah and I were up and off by 4 am on Friday morning heading to the Imperial Stud at Upper Lurg in North east Victoria. A drive of 11 hours.
The photos, morning sunrise on the way, and then the house in the lower right was a typical old Victorian house made of wood with lace added in one of the small towns we stopped in. The middle upper is of Sarah and her friend judging at the show on Sunday, the wonderful Saturday market at Violet Town where I bought a wonderful basket, (photos of that to come), and a couple of other odds and ends. It was almost as big as the Eumundi markets im Queenland where I love to go as well.
The middle photos of ponies (click to enlarge) are Sarah and Mark looking at ponies and the view from the house and the last little foal is the filly who was born while we were away.
So many lovely ponies to look at, almost all had foaled, luckily we had a yearling to take home and these were babies or we would never have known where to go if we wanted another.
Mark is a wonderful host, cooks liike a dream and it was tiring but also very relaxing. As I said the market was great fun, and at the show on the Sunday I caught up with old friends and won two things in the raffle! I dont often win raffles but I picked a crab apple, it looked a bit miserable but I hope will be ok and a small saddle blanket which will be useful for some one.
Monday morning we didnt leave quite as early, around 6 am and another long drive home, the filly was really good but the trucks on the road were a bit of a nightmare, it was very windy so we couldnt drive to the speed limit which must have frustrated a lot of people.
All in all a lovely break but its such a shame it is so far to drive, at least this time we managed to take it in turns driving.
Today I am a bit slow, had to have my toe dressed but am now home having unpacked, done the washing and general odds and ends that one has to do when you have been away. I should have hoses on as it is warming up but so far havent had time and its a bit warm, I will do it tonight.
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