Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Adelaide yesterday, sewing today

I have no idea what this poster is all about but as we stopped at a traffic light in Pulteney St yesterday I grabbed my camera and took a photo. I thought it was very interesting.
We had gone up for haircuts and to see Gaby and Mason. Mason slept the whole time I was there, poor little mite, but he did end up eating the cheese hamburgher we left. They are both so fed up with it and hoping to come home today but so far I havent heard.
Today I have the shakes and aches so have been doing things that dont entail too much thought, like getting on with this little jill Maas doll, Maggie who you cant see terribly well as the light from the window is on her but she is getting there.
I have a box of birds finished but have worked out I need another 5, just hope they get done. I spent time today writing the Christmas letter, and wrapping the grand childrens presents and working out what else I have to do, I am afraid it is mostly a home made Christmas this year. I do have enough mugs to put the pate in and have worked out how many cakes to make. So a few things crossed off the list, but a couple of nagging worries about what to make for the friend who is coming to stay over Christmas. Havent had a brain wave yet.
The old pug is barking, he is sure it is dinner time, so I suppose I had better go and sort him out and the hens and then get started on what we are having for dinner.
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Barry said...

P- those birds in the box look excellent - such quirky individuals and colours. Hope it all goes well leading up to Christmas. B

vicki archer said...

Thank you for your visit... lovely to hear from you... Have a happy weekend... xv

Anonymous said...

The little birds are adorable.