Sunday, November 06, 2011

Quilt swap arrived

My lovely quilt from Glenys in New Zealand arrived on Friday, iI am so pleased with it, a very interesting piece of work, now to find somewhere to hang it!.
I walked to see the mares last week and collected this lovely leaf which is disintergrating beautifully, one part is slightly skeletonised. On that same walk I saw the ti tree flowering in the swamp at the back of the dam and had to take a photo.
Things have been rather busy around here, I had a small operation on my left big toe on Friday and as it was underneath I am finding walking painful and tending to throw my back out, always something happening.
Yesterday was our big SA All Welsh Pony Show, a good 2 hour drive north of here (and back again) it was one of the first hot days we have had for a while, and sticky. Luckily I could drive as my right foot was not affected but I did far too much walking and standing .
I didnt mind until I got home and it started to ache but the good news was that my little yearling Section B filly went all the way through to being Supreme B and then Best Youngstock, We didnt get best in Show but I didnt expect that of a baby on such a hot day.
Her mother did that and to the best of my memory so did her grandmother, so exciting when stuff you have bred for a few generations does that.
Of course while I was away one little mare foaled, and this morning another, and I am worrying about another one.
It all happens at once. At least the 2 who have foaled seem fine and so do their foals. I just couldnt get close enough with a gammy leg to find out what sex they are.
Feeling frustrated as I want to do a lot, but I do have some hand sewing to go on with.
At least the weather has cooled down a bit but none of the promised rain has so far appeared.

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ArtPropelled said...

What a beautiful quilt! No wonder you are pleased with it. It's been drizzling here, on and off for days. (Better than the heat!)Thinking of the foals and smiling. Keep that foot rested!

Suztats said...

Take care of that foot, Penny. Well done on the yearling filly!

Barry said...

P- sorry to hear about the foe. Loved the photos of the eaten leaves. New life on the proprety always energises and makes us smile. Go well. B

Hildred and Charles said...

Interesting and satisfying days for you, Penny, - do hope you are soon more mobile and your poor toe recovers nicely from its surgery.