Sunday, November 27, 2011

A new foal and a bit of this and that

Here is the very smart palomino Welsh B colt foal who arrived the other morning. He is absolutely lovely but I wish he had been a filly. Still I have one full sister so I suppose I cant be too greedy. We just dont really need another colt.
He is out of our very well performed cream mare Rivington Sunday and by the lovely stallion we took back a few months ago Imperial Angelo.
Returning from looking at him yesterday I took a photo of the stuff I have around my back door, all sorts of bits and pieces, beach finds, some pot plants, bones and stones. I have fun changing things around here.
Next a wet the bed (or dandelion) seed head I saw in the paddocks, we need to get rid of these wretched things they can cause false stringhalt in the ponies. I do love the shape and the way the seeds are arranged, although this is not a terribly clear photo. Non the less they are a weed I could do without and this has been a good year for them.
Finally another view of the vegetable garden red runner beans are starting to climb the wigwam, the fig tree is looking very lush and the broad beans are coming to the end of their bearing. Potatoes need didgging and the verbascum are looking purely decorative.
John went fishing today and has come home with some fish, Oscar is so pleased, he hasnt had any for a while. I sewed for most of the day, trying to get stuff done before going to Kangaroo Island, which is getting closer. We go over on the 18th and come home after Christmas so everything has to be done before we go. Not only that but we have a friend coming down over that time and I have to get the house ready for her and the house sitter.
Havent heard any dire reports of the boys so I think all must be going well.

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Linda Stokes said...

He is very beautiful. I hope your boys are doing well and you can enjoy your holiday.
Thanks for commenting on my blog.

Wanda..... said...

Lovely photo of the new foal, Penny. Also enjoyed exploring the treasures you have by the back door. Was wondering if that's a carved or real beak protruding out of the birdhouse...a humorous touch, being so oversized!

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

I've just had a lovely time meandering through your recent posts!
I enjoyed your wonderful images depicting your life in the country.
I found your blog via Downunder Dale.

Do pop in and see me one day and I'll get out my prettiest tea cups for you!


Suztats said...

Your colt is a handsome fellow. I've never heard the term 'wet the bed' for dandelions! Amazing sometimes the things I learn!

Anonymous said...

He's gorgeous Penny.