Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Morning walk to check the mares

As I head out to walk down to the far paddock to check on the mares who are due to foal I pass this lovely rhododendron, which despite all odds is flowering and looking wonderful. My friend P gave it to me and although it is still in a pot, but the roots have grown through long ago, it is where I can see it and where it gets watered and looked after. Not something I could grow out in the open garden.
Down the track the little stable cat was looking for mice but turned and talked to me, in the background my lovely sparrieshoop rose is flowering like mad and giving me great joy. I love single roses.
Then into the paddock and here are three ladies in waiting. The cream mare is supposed to be shown this week end and thankfully doesnt look too close, although she does look pretty large, but then she is an older mare who has had quite a few foals. The other two are young ones so dont look so huge.
In the fence line is an old fashioned honeysuckle I started as a cutting from an old garden, it covers itself in flowers at this time every year and looks spectacular. The birds and bees love it. I also have one in the garden by the house but over the years trees have grown around it so this is the one I tend to take photos of.
Walking back through the vegetable garden I see that John has a new structure, I bought some scarlet runner beans and he is hoping that the rabbits wont get at them or the peacocks scratch them up. He is making good use of the bamboo canes he cut back a week or so ago. He isnt too pleased about the huge verbascum rosettes but I love them. I see the parsley is doing well and we will have broad beans soon.
I havent posted for a few days, yesterday I went to lunch in Adelaide for the Melbourne Cup which is a horse race which has become so famous only two of the runners were Australian. A french horse won, second an English one and third, not sure but I did get it in the sweep! Not that it paid much.
I got home feeling terribly tired, and today more so, I think everytime I drop a mg of cortisone I feel like this for a day or so, but I am on track and although feeling a bit off also feel rather virtuous!
I am making more little birds so that is giving me something to do instead of just sitting and feeling sorry for myself.

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Wanda..... said...

Spring seems to bring such quick growth results there, Penny. Can't believe your garden! I love the scent of honeysuckle!