Monday, November 21, 2011

Some play and stuff in the mail


The top photo is of some little brooches I have been making, just a bit of play to have a few gifts on hand in case I need them.
Then in the mail today came this lovely tassel from Doreen, we did a parivate swap and I love this clever little tassel. I spent all day trying to find cotton reels at the op shops, no luck though.
Also in the mail this lovely post card from Meya in Holland, she received my quilt in the 6th little quilt swap. I love this postcard and it arrived safely with no envelope, I am always a bit frightened of sending things like this without an envelope.
Had my toe dressed today, I think it is going to take weeks and weeks, now it hurts, they put yet another type of dressing on it. Not terribly pleased. I seemed to spend forever waiting in at the surgery.
The weather is much cooler thank goodness but apart from touring the op shops no walk today and I feel as if I need one but my toe doesnt want to, moan moan!
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Doreen G said...

Glad that you like it Penny.

Wanda..... said...

Penny...clicking on the lovely tassel to see it enlarged takes one to an odd place...another blog from 2006....strange!!!

Robin Mac said...

I clicked too and I can't imagine Doreen writing the blog which came up instead of the enlarged photo - gremlins in the machine perhaps? the tassel looked lovely

Penny said...

I am not sure why the other blog comes up when you click on Doreens tassel, I dont know how to get rid of itso all I can suggest is that you dont click on that photo.

bunks said...

Wonderful colourful brooches Penny and love the tassel and postcard.

I hope your toe will heal quickly, it's not fun being in pain especially when it prevents you from doing the things you like to do.