Thursday, September 18, 2008

Photos and texture

I dont quite know what happened yesterday but somehow I didnt post, I think because the dreaded hay fever is attacking me and making me feel a bit 'off'.
When we walked the other day I loved this on the dirt road by the sea, obviously someone was having fun and making a sea dragon out of an old glove and some sea weed. I just had to take a photo.
The other is looking towards the Bluff jetty with a magnificent mallow flowering by the side of the road.
Warming up again today and very windy. We had another colt foal yesterday, It looks like another colt year, ok but sales are slow and the cost of gelding has gone through the roof.
We were terribly pleased that the Gray's of Elargee stud have bought one of last year's colt foals, he won at the foal show last year and is a very nice colt with just the breeding they were looking for. They arrived about 5 pm on Tuesday night and loaded him up and left yesterday morning.
Lovely people and we had a great time talking ponies over dinner the night before.

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