Sunday, September 28, 2008

Home from Geelong

I am home, I am tired, I have visitors, who thank goodness are old friends and dont mind that I am not quite with it.
I left Geelong a bit before 8 am yesterday and arrived home at about 4.45 pm having taken a few wrong turns and been detoured around on back dirt roads due to a bad accident on the main highway.
Listened to the football grand final and was home in time for the last quater.
All very exciting as the underdogs won.
We have been out to breakfast and I feel totally not with it.
No Great grand child yet either.
I bought this mini quilt from a very clever quilter called Judy Hooworth, I have always loved her stuff but thought this one which is one of her river series was outstanding. Her class room was next to ours.
I have loads to show and am too tired to wrestle with it today. Just lets say it was a great week but now I need to get over it. Unpacking to do and washing to get done.


Anonymous said...

Since I'm sitting here tired and exhausted myself and I haven't done much of anything I feel for you after your trip. The little quilt is wonderful.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Didn't catch up with the Open Day as transport was a problem. Glad to hear you are home safe and sound. Take it easy this week but I guess you are excited and rearing to go in making more beautiful objects.
Don't talk about the footie. It was disgraceful. The Cats couldn't kick straight and they choked in the second half!