Tuesday, September 02, 2008

DollsI have been making

Finishing off a few dolls over the last week or so. The little blue one is for a trading table and the other, well she has been sitting around unclothed and bald since 2002 and I thought I should finish her.
They are both Jill Maas of New Zealand's designs.
Celia sitting at the top hasnt got her hand bag or her dog, but they may get there.
I am not sure if her hair suits or not but hey, she can wear anything!
The little blue one is a sweet one to embellish as you like.
We are off to Coober Pedy tomorrow and wont be back until late Friday, we had a big mix up about where we were staying but thank goodness it is now fixed, we could have arrived and had no idea where we were supposed to be.
I do know that tomorrow night it is a tent at William Creek.

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