Saturday, September 13, 2008

A mix of photos

I was in Adelaide yesterday doing an embroidery class with Alison Cole, a great class although I have used most of the stuff she uses but unfortunately I had to be up early to do feeds and the traffic to Adelaide was slow so I arrived feeling a bit brain dead. I am supposed to go back on Monday but I will see as next week is very busy.
These are probably the last of my northern photos, vegetation on a dune on the way to William Creek, part of a rocket from the Woomera range that dropped down somewhere near there as well, the sign about the old Ghan railway which has been superseeded by a different route and a new and modern and very expensive train through the centre.
Finally one of the old drays, at various times I think they used horses, cattle and even possibly camels to pull these huge things, must have been a nightmare when it rained and almost worse if you had to cross a sandhill.
All of the last three are in a small reserve, along with a few graves at William Creek.
the last is a bit of a view of Anna Creek station homestead area, I think this looks more like the workshops, we went through in the bus.
I have just finished reading a fascinating book called Red Sand, Green Heart by John Read who was an ecologist in the 1990's with Olympic Dam.

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Anonymous said...

The dray reminds me of an exhibit I went to in one of our provincial parks. It had to do with the voyagers.

I knew that the voyagers carried goods in canoes, paddling and portaging our great Canadian rivers but what I didn't realise was the size of the actual canoes that were used for transport until I saw a replica at the exhibit. Many a voyager died carrying these canoes around river barriers.

Seeing the size of the dray and the goods it was built to carry brings home how much we take transportation for granted today.