Tuesday, September 16, 2008


This is the last one of these until I get home, she is my favorite although John calls her Julia!(After our Deputy Prime Minister).
I went to the physio today who tuttted about my back and sent me home tired and not feeling like much.
I have managed to get labels on most of the selling items I have for Geelong.
I am expecting pony people for dinner tonight, and have generally tidied the house but thought I had better get this done early before they come.


Purple Missus said...

Lucky, lucky you going to Geelong. (Did I say that last year too *LOL*) I'll get there one day!
Your dolls are absolutely fabulous.
Sorry to hear about your back, hope it clears up soon.

Robin Mac said...

I love your dolls Penny, have a fabulous time in Geelong, we expecdt to see lots of photos when you return! Cheers, Robin