Wednesday, August 16, 2017

This morning, bit wild and windy

This morning we had a short walk on the beach, full of sea weed in odd places and lots of sea agulls. The Inman River was flowing out to sea strongly too. Cold but it didnt rain on us. There is more forcast for tonight. I am still packing things up and filling plastic containers too quickly. I csnt put soft dolls into cardboard. There are so many of them too. I think we sign a contract this week end to sell. No idea where we will be going. I lie awake at night and worry. Still mostly I am so tired I do fall asleep.


Robin Mac said...

Wow Penny, things are really moving! I am sure you will find somewhere to go soon - have you been seriously looking yet?
It is so hard to decide what to take and what to dispose of, you have so many beautiful things. Good luck

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Oh geez. I hate that you have such uncertainty in your life. I'll pray that the answer will soon appear and you can ease your mind.
xx, Carol