Friday, August 11, 2017

Our Northern Victoria trip

Away for 3 days, 10 hour drive over and back, a day in the middle to rest and catch up with my lovely granddaughter Fenella who is a vet presently based in Mansfield. We stayed at Imperial Stud as we brought over 2 mares, one to go back to Mark and one to be picked up that we had sold, hairy as. We had a lovely lunch with Nell and saw where she is living, such a pretty area all around. I had a wander up the hill when we got home to say goodbye to my mares and took a few photos. Some spectacular skies. Mark is a brilliant cook and although he was busy and hardly home he looked after us so well. We sneaked off before he was up to go home yesterday, Not such a good or easy trip home as we caught the start of a change and were heading into the wind and then rain and it got so cold. We arrived home safely, but tired. these 10 hour trips, even with several stops are killing. I think it will take more than today to get over it. I have been shopping but maybe a nana nap this afternoon will be in order.

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