Saturday, August 26, 2017

One of those days.

Not the best but we are plodding on. My youngest daughter came over and she and her husband cleaned out some cupboards that I am very glad to see cleaned out. One more job done. We did go to the market this morning and then had a nice walk along the cliffs at Petrels Cove. Low tide and quite big seas. Not a lot of sun again today, and going to be cold and windy tomorrow. John was going fishing but I think they have decided not to go ahead with it. The doll I was playing with has had to have new legs and feet, the first lot didnt work but I think she is right now. I made ginger nuts this afternoon and am about to go and make meat balls in tomato sauce for dinner. Havent done them for ages because they are always a bit of a pain to make. Millie was pleased with the couple of boxes of ornaments I gave her, and a shadow box for her wall. I certainly dont need them. There is an awful lot of stuff in this house I am not going to need.

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