Monday, August 07, 2017

This mornbing and a bit of yesterday.

I forgot that I had this flyer in my handbag from yesterday, I love visiting this little winery at SALA time as they always have a delightful selection of artists and Jen wright does paintings of gorgeous birds, she is an owner (I think). This morning the wind has cleared away and only a few spots of rain but the tide was high and some clouds still looked threatening. I have a busy day ahead as I am off early tomorrow morning on another long trip across Victoria to near Benalla to deliver some ponies. I am not really looking forward to it but my lovely mare is going back home for a few years while we sort things out here. Making ginger nut biscuits, some to stay for John and some to take with us. Better get a move on.

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

We've had house company. My grandson with his girlfriend and their little mini doberman pincher. It has upset our routine and that of my two big dogs that are growing weary of the little dog's antics and constant energy. The entire house is out of order, but that's okay. He is moving across country and we'll only be seeing him when he comes back to visit. We raised him and it's the same as if a son were moving. Much easier to stay in touch in this day than it was when we were young!
xx, Carol