Friday, August 04, 2017

Making a book, slowly.

I have finally got around to making these birds, and a few other bits and pieces into a fabric book. The last few days have been cold and wet and I really haven't felt much like doing anything. George has decided to take up residence on my lap which makes doing anything but read rather difficult, but he does make rather a nice furry warm lap rug. I have been shopping today at least that is out of the way but we haven't had a walk for 2 days, just hope it isn't so wet tomorrow. I have to say I think this is proper winter weather. Not much going on out side.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I never saw a bird I didn't like!! Our weather today will be mid 60s and rain. Terry's dog Boscoe is a pit/boxer mix and weighs 105#. He jumped on the bed last night so I know he thought it was too cold for the floor, even though there is a dog bed or two in every room so BOTH dogs can be comfy. And here it is Friday..where did the week go!
Have a good weekend.
xx, Carol

Linda Calverley said...

Well I love birds and I love fabric books so you've got a thumbs up from me.