Thursday, August 31, 2017

Sunny today

We had a lovely sunny walk along the cliffs this morning, you probably cant see him well but a Nankeen Kestrel was hovering, bit far for my small camera. A friend came to visit as well this afternoon. It was lovely, although with the nice bits, the sad, we had a prem foal this morning who didnt survive, the joys of breeding. I just wish I would stop aching, I had been doing so well and now suddenly I can hardly move, manage a walk, and they get shorter, and then fall in a heap. Age and stress I suppose.


Diana Studer said...

I'm sure grief for the foal takes its toll on your energy.
Wish you well.

Your walk could almost be ours ... but we have suburbs along our shore.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

autumn is moving in here. Each morning it gets harder to move freely. Old age, stress, who knows what affects it. Sorry about the foal. Such a let down.
xx, Carol

Countryside Tales said...

Sad about the foal. I once worked at a shire horse stud when a foal was born wth sleepy foal disease. That too passed away. Such is nature. Hope your back eases.