Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Free flowers.

Today I was given a free bunch of flowers from my local Victor Harbor Woolworth store. I have no idea why but it was so lovely to be given them. I am sort of assuming that they were past their use by date but they are still alive and are giving me great pleasure, so thank you Woolworths, a lovely thought that has given me pleasure all day, and I hope will pleasure John while I am away.. Oh yes I am off for the weekend with my daughter to help granddaughter Fenella at the big Welsh pony show. I am looking forward to aching up with friends, but it is a lot g way, hope I survive it!


Robin Mac said...

The flowers are very pretty - lucky you. have a great weekend, hope it is successful for Fenella.

Barry said...

P - flowers are such a joy. Hope the pony visit goes well. B

Penny said...

What a wonderful gift!!! Have fun with the pony (and the family) *smile*