Friday, November 25, 2016

A couple more hares

Love this pattern, have finally worked it out!! Think I must be over this virus and am thinking a bit more clearly. Haven't given them names or stories yet but I will. She is wearing a child's sock I found in a drawer, only one so didn't mind using it as a dress. Busy day today, shopping, no walk, finished the ironing, well I would have if some more just came off the line. We are now suffering from aching backs, John suggested we have the aging back virus. Have to have something to complain about..


Penny said...

Love these little rabbits!! I've used children's socks and mitten on various critters. Wonderful to just slip it over their head and voila!!

Hildred said...

Very sweet hares... I am familiar with the aching back virus, - it has a cousin that affects the knees, as well. Comes to visit in the middle of the night!!!

Barry said...

Hi P - amusing little critters - they will bring much joy. B