Monday, November 07, 2016

Busy busy

Not all of the week end is here, we did quite well at our SA All Welsh Show but I have no photos at the moment, Best Foal of show was one of the highlights. Saturday was a full on day and I was so tired at the end of it. didnt get down to P in Adelaide until after 5 pm and fell asleep in my chair. Sunday was the lovely class with Jill Maas, that is Jill in the orange. My not finished reindeer, needs his antlers. I could only do one day, but have quite a lot done. We had a new foal this morning, a nice little bay Welsh Mountain colt. Again I am so tired and a trip to Adelaide both tomorrow and Wednesday are not going to help. I have been busy washing for most of the day, at least it is cool but a good drying day. There was a herb sale on in the grounds where we had our class and I bought some nice looking ornamental sage plants. Hope I stop aching soon! That is the trouble with being busy, lovely while it happens but a pain after wards.


Barry said...

Hi P - why is it that this time of the year seems so busy. I like the sound of the new foal. Go well. B

Robin Mac said...

Love the photo of the new foal, glad you were so successful at the show. Lucky you to have a class with Jill Maas. Cheers