Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Around the garden a few minutes ago

I am having trouble with my eyes and cant see my optomotrist for a couple of weeks. Too much close work perhaps or the cataract I have has suddenly decided to deepen. I really had trouble seeing these photos so I hope they are ok' The big tree grevillia is starting to flower, the smoke bush is looking stunning, love the purple of it and its flowers, Penelope Rose in the garden, this is not the entire bush which was a bit too far back for me to take a decent photo. Geraniums growing through the grey pear tree and pink alstroemeria which seem to thrive on neglect. Probably got some of the names wrong, at least it is a post. Much cooler today and more pleasant. Just wish I didnt feel as if I was seeing through a fog.

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Penny said...

The pictures are lovely!!! We're 'seeing through a fog' due to forest fires near us. We've had some lovely days but I guess the wind shifted or dropped off completely and the smoke is everywhere. No danger to us -- but quite irritating.