Sunday, November 20, 2016

Odds and ends from the last few days

I hvent been doing a lot, trying to conserve what strength I have but I do feel marginally better today. John has gone fishing, maybe this time they will catch something. It has suddenly got hot and the garden is not liking it but this corner of the house was taken a few days ago, along with the big moon and then yesterday i went to the market and bought some lettuce seedlings and some french sorrel, havent had it before but I loved the look of the leaves. It will have to go in a pot as the pea cocks will probably eat it. I have counted up my little Christmas presents I make and add to peoples, this year very small presents and I need to make about 6 more, oh dear, and a cushion and another hare. If I dont get things done in the morning I tend to fall asleep in the afternoon. Well we have some fish and a couple of squid so that is good and the garden has been nicely productive too with broad beans, strawberries and some loquats. Better go and hull the strawberries.

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