Thursday, November 10, 2016

Morning walk

A lovely morning along the beach, fresh air, but I dont know if I have hay fever again or I have caught whatever it is that John has. What ever I feel terribly tired, stuffed up and sneezing. Its not exactly his symptoms but what ever it is I dont want it. We walked discussing American politics, probably like so many people. I dont pretend to understand it but I guess we will see how it all turns out eventually. I do know that I dont want a republic, I am quite happy with the Royal family being our head of state, I certainly dont want elections the way they have them in America. Too long, too uncertain and far too expensive.


Penny said...

I can't even comment on this election season (which lasted way too long). I worry very much for my country in the coming four years.

Robin Mac said...

I think there would have been very little else discussed yesterday all round the world! I am with you, I certainly don't want a republic, the politics we already have are ugly enough.
I hope your symptoms were only hayfever and that they have gone away altogether today. Cheers

Hildred said...

I do hope you feel better soon Penny. Share your election sentiments - we do have Federal and Provincial elections on set years, but nothing as spectacular as what happens in the USA. Sometimes we are lucky, and then sometimes we get "Sunny Boy" - but end up making the best of it.