Thursday, November 24, 2016

Walking Pt Elliot this morning

We had to go part of the way over to Pt elliot this morning to pick up our bread flour so went on and walked around the front. Met an old friend there, had a lovely chat and then went on to do the circuit and back to the ute. The gazanias are out in full bloom. I have been playing around with bits and pieces but nothing really to show. Ironing was partly done, I dont think I realised John had so many shirts. The chickens under the hens so far seem ok and I found a newly hatched little blue one but I am not sure if it will survive. I was amazed to find it as the 2 eggs that were there had been in and out from under the hens. I had a bad night with my knee last night so have been rather slower than I should be this afternoon, but all animals are fed and the pots watered so although I think it is heating up still reasonable down here. Just not sure what it will be like for next week end. It is schoolies weekend in Victor this week end, no one really looks forward to it and I hope every one is sensible.

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